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A list of my hobbies, projects or interests.

This is My Personal Site for My Friends Only

I have been through a lot in my lifetime.  "Heart Song" touches much but not all I've learned about relationships.
If  friendship (and relationships) could have a code, I would wish this for everyone.

  • Interest - The Internet -

  • Interest  -  Meeting people who are not self-centered.  My friends are people who are honest and trusting.
                      If you can't relate to the meaning of friendship, please leave my site now...  but click here first

  • Interest  - Television -  PBS

  • Interest  - Dancing - The meaning of Happiness  read  "The Dance"

  • Interest  - Writing Music - Songs titled "Go Away" and  "A New Life Begins" coming soon
    - Films -

  • Interest   - Space - Nasa

  • Interest   - Live Bands - Las Vegas Bands

  • Interest   - Watching the planes take off and land at the airport.

  • Interest   - Travel 

  • Interest   - Nature





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